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Update October 2020 – So the Question remains can you get Identity Cloaker for Mac computers and Apple Devices?  Well yes, sort of !  The MAC version of Identity Cloaker was released in 2011 in beta.  You can download the demo version for OS X here – IdentityCloaker com free download.  This is fully functional … Viagra kopen usa

How to Buy an American Proxy Server to Unlock the Internet

Why do people look for USA Proxy and VPN servers? Well there’s a variety of reasons and now many people use technology like this  just to  hide their identity and their IP online.  Sometimes specifically for privacy reasons or quite often they simply need US IP addresses to bypass internet blocks which are based on geographic … Read more

Need to Buy US IP Address or USA Proxy Server – Try This Free One?

Updated in October 2020 to remove a company who’s VPN service was just getting far too slow and worse was always blocked by many sites!  Added the wonderful Smart DNS system which you can even test out risk free on this special offer –  Completely free VPN trial on this page Smart DNS Proxy. It … Read more

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There’s quite a few articles on this site about how you can hide your real IP address and use one from a different country. However most of these are based from the perspective of a computer or laptop, on these devices it’s much easier to buy IP spoofing software specifically designed to accomplish this task. However … Cheap generic viagra 100mg

Looking for a Polish Proxy – Test this Premium Polish VPN

Many of the VPN companies are having a torrid time at the moment because they’re being blocked and filtered. So I’m rechecking some old posts from my proxy list and checking if they’re still working.  Unfortunately the original program highlighted here has become unusable so I am updating. The company I used here mentioned below … Read more

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A few years ago, only a select few could watch Netflix. Indeed for quite a while the list of countries which had access to Netflix was very small, including only the largest developed countries primarily across United States, North America and Europe.  This has changed greatly and now you can access the media giant in … Buy viagra online free

Using a BBC iPlayer Proxy | Watch the BBC Outside the UK

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BBC Iplayer

So How’s it Done –  Can You Use a Proxy for BBC iPlayer in USA


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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in the USA

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Where do I get a BBC iPlayer Proxy Server to Watch BBC in the USA and Elsewhere?

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BBC Blocks Proxies, VPNs and other IP Hiding Tools

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