Unblock US Netflix Free Trial – No Credit Card Required

Unblock US Netflix Free Trial – No Credit Card Required

A few years ago, only a select few could watch Netflix. Indeed for quite a while the list of countries which had access to Netflix was very small, including only the largest developed countries primarily across United States, North America and Europe.  This has changed greatly and now you can access the media giant in most countries in the world.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Japan, Turkey or the USA then you should be able to subscribe and watch Netflix without problems.

However it’s important to realise that which Netflix region you’re in, completely changes what’s available to you.  The US version for example has thousands more shows and movies than all the other locales.  Fortunately it is possible to switch your version of Netflix to this US one simply by changing your DNS settings.

Below we’ll explain how you can switch your version of Netflix to the US one.  However if you just want to test it out, click on the image below to go to the 14 day trial for free and unblock US Netflix in minutes (no credit card required).

Unblock US Netflix Free Trial

Click for 14 day Free Trial and Unblock US Version of Netflix 

The Netflix Library is Linked to Your Location – Some are Much Better than Others

This is not the complete story, as although you can access your Netflix account pretty much anywhere nowadays. What you’ll see is heavily dependent on where you happen to be located.  This is because Netflix has to license all the shows on a per country basis, i.e. if it pays for rights in the USA it would then have to pay separately for all the other countries.  Obviously this means that Netflix will invest much more heavily in the bigger markets than it will in the smaller countries.   So the service ( shows and movies) you get in somewhere like Austria will be much different from what you’ll receive if you access Netflix from New York.

The problem many people have with this, especially those who travel a lot is that these differences are hugely significant.  The actual figures vary quite a bit, but some estimates suggest that there are tens of thousands more films and TV shows in the biggest version of Netflix (the USA) than in the other countries.  Even though the subscription costs are similar it means that an American Netflix subscriber gets way more content than a subscriber from any other country.  You don’t get such big differences with other streaming services like Apple TV for example.  What’s more if you travel you’ll switch between versions which can be extremely annoying when suddenly the box-set you’re half way through suddenly disappears.  Don’t imagine you’ll get your money back on your credit card either just because you’ve moved across a national boundary!

Is it fair? Well obviously this largely depends on where you happen to be.  You’re unlikely to hear many complaints from US residents about their Netflix content especially if they don’t travel much.  The US version of Netflix is so much better than everyone else’s, not only in quantity but quality too.  For example at the time of writing there’s only one version of Netflix streaming the latest blockbusters – The Last Jedi and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, yes of course it’s the US version.  It’s hardly surprising that so many people want to unblock the US version when you’ve seen the difference.

Using a Free Trial to Unblock the US Netflix

Of course, it’s difficult to illustrate how much better the US version of Netflix is at any given point.  The movies and shows change with time, however there’s a way to see for yourself and change your Netflix region.   It involves hiding your location by disguising your real IP address so it works with Netflix region you prefer.

However don’t waste money on using a VPN from a basic company, these rarely works with Netflix anymore.  Even many of the best VPNs now don’t support Netflix access and you’ll get a proxy error message if you try and access whilst connected.  Maintaining access has become costly and time consuming, so most of the VPN provider companies don’t support this platform anymore.

However there are a couple of service provider who do, which you can see below.

This is by far the simplest method to enable anyone to switch to the US version of Netflix irrespective of their location.

Over the years there have been many methods and indeed thousands of different services which allowed you to access different versions of Netflix from the one you’re locked into. However this has changed greatly over the last year or so. Netflix doesn’t like it’s users doing this even though it at one point there were millions ‘unofficially’ accessing Netflix from countries where it wasn’t even available. For instance, there were estimated at nearly 1/2 million Australian subscribers of Netflix in the year before it became available there!  It worked with pretty much all of the major VPN providers you used to access the streaming service.

Most of these were simply using straight forward proxies and VPNs routing through US servers to hide their current location. The concept was simple, if you relay your internet connection through a VPN server or proxy in the USA for example, Netflix would see the US IP address of the server not your true location. Which meant that a Netflix user in Mexico would get access to the US version instead of the Mexican version.  So the bottom line was that you subscribed to your local version as normal then you could unblock Netflix from a different country when required.

The alternative to this method was the already mentioned technology called Smart DNS which simply involved changing your DNS servers.   It was developed because many devices now being used to access Netflix like Smart TV units, Games consoles etc couldn’t install the client software to enable VPN use. To install Smart DNS you just need access to the network settings on the device.  It works in a similar way but only routed traffic for specific websites which were geo-restricted.   It’s also faster but provides no online privacy, DNS leak protection or traffic encryption like VPN traffic does.

Netflix Stops Tools that Stream Netflix from Different Regions

Netflix started blocking and filtering these connections in a variety of ways in their bid to stop people trying to unblock Netflix regions.  They had some success stopping all the free VPN services and some of the Smart DNS solutions  However the real game-changer was when they started blocking access to commercial IPs.

This suddenly stopped 99% of VPNs and Smart DNS solution to unblock US login methods virtually overnight.  Just about every one would receive proxy error messages when connecting.  The reason that you received a streaming error was that all of these services used ‘commercially’ registered IP addresses simply because they are very easy to obtain. Getting hold of ‘residential addresses’ is much, much harder simply because they’re normally reserved for ISPs who release them to home customers.

The effect was almost instantaneous, social media and forums were filled with cries as suddenly even the best VPN services stopped working and you had to be in the United States to watch Netflix US ! There was little point contacting support, as in most cases there was nothing they could do. The problems was the IP addresses not the services themselves which affected VPNs and even the DNS options were not working too.

So is Unblock US Support for Netflix Still Possible?

Yes it is, but on a much less widespread scale. The method illustrated in the video above is working perfectly in the Summer of 2020 using a company called Smart DNS Proxy, well after Netflix’s initial purge.  The current state of play is that you must have access to a residential IP address based in the country you require in order to access that version of Netflix.  Most of the VPN service providers and many of the Smart DNS ones too have pretty much given up on Unblock US solutions for this reason.

Unfortunately residential IP addresses are difficult to obtain and extremely expensive even if you can access them.  The companies who do have access to them, for the most part have focused on addresses based in the USA.  There is a much greater demand for a US Netflix unblock solution than for any other country which is why they are still supported by some companies.  It’s important to check for yourself though, forget about reputation and fancy websites – pick a trial account and try it for yourself.  Netflix have indeed reduced the options and put lots of the disable unblock US companies out of business, but there are still some that remain.

IS it Really Worth the Effort to Unblock US Netflix?

It’s true that many national versions of Netflix are pretty similar, indeed some are virtually identical apart from language variants.  Depending on where you travel and to what extent you use Netflix it might not be worth the trouble or additional expense.  However for those of us who live in smaller countries, travel a lot or simply use our Netflix account very often getting access to the US version of Netflix is definitely worth it.

It’s not just the thousands of extra programmes and movies, but the quality as well.  Netflix makes a great effort to get blockbusters onto the American Netflix in order to boost sales and support expensive advertising campaigns.  They simply won’t spend the same on a smaller market with less rewards.

unblock us download

A classic example is the film – The Last Jedi, which currently is only licensed on US Netflix.  You won’t find it on any other version currently and there are loads of the latest blockbusters which are only found on the American version which makes it well worth unblock US download to your computer.    The same situation happens with TV series, you might be happy to find the first series of a popular show on the French or UK version of Netflix.  However this is often because the older releases are cheaper, you’ll normally find that there most of the later series will be on the US version too.

Over the years I’ve tried loads of methods for unlocking US Netflix primarily so I can keep up with the latest releases. Proxies no longer work at all, so you can forget them. There are about two VPN services which still work in 2020 including Identity Cloaker. However you have to use the software and it won’t work on tablets and smartphones at the moment.

There is no doubt the best solution at the moment to unblock US Netflix and that’s to use a Smart DNS service which has the requisite residential IP addresses.  There’s only one which I have used which is both reliable and quick enough to stream video and that’s the service from Smart DNS Proxy.  They also include a VPN service but I suggest you leave that unless you need the security as the Smart DNS version works better.

It’s not just for Netflix though, you can use it to get access to any content under geo restrictions in any country from the BBC iPlayer, Sky Go in the United Kingdom to HBO Go, Hulu and NBC in the US.  In fact there’s server locations all over the world to enable the world’s best media sites.

The best thing is that this company actually provides a free trial if you access from the correct link.  Which means you can test it out and see if it’s worth the money before committing.  Honestly I’ll think you’ll be impressed, with both the speed an reliability and also the amazing amount of content on the US version of Netflix compared you your own locale. What’s more you can try before you buy with this US Netflix Free Trial.   

Try it out on the Link below.

Free, No Obligation Trial of Smart DNS Proxy

No Credit Card Required for the 14 Day Free Trial




Which are the Best Proxies for Ticketmaster and Ticketing Sites

Lots of websites hate proxies, many block them but there’s only a few who spend a serious amount of resources banning them. Ticketmaster is one of those companies who spend an awful lot of time and effort stopping anyone accessing their site using a proxy. Indeed there’s hardly any company who is as aggressive as them, probably only Instagram who spend as much blocking, detecting and banning even dedicated proxies (excepting perhaps the Chinese Government).

Ticketmaster Proxy

Their public rationale is simple, they want only real users to buy tickets and then only a couple each for personal use. They say this is to protect customers and artists, but in reality it’s likely protecting their profits is the number one incentive.  So they don’t want anyone to use a proxy service, because it removes that element of control they have from the marker and ticker resellers. Whatever the reasons, if you want to buy a few extra tickets or use a ticket Bot to purchase them for you – there’s only a small amount of Ticketmaster proxies that will actually work, here’s what to look for.

The Very Basics of Choosing the Very Best Ticketmaster Proxy

It certainly can get confusing but in reality it’s not that hard to learn how to buy proxies that work with Ticketmaster or other ticket websites.  In fact for any task, it’s a matter of identifying your requirements, signing up for some sort of test or trial then see what works.  Don’t worry about taking your time it’s not something you should try and rush.  Practice with events that are not your main priority, but once you find high quality proxies that work for you then you should stick with them. As always it’s largely due to the quality and composition of the IP address ranges they use but there are other factors which will help you get tickets.

Free and Open proxies

First of all forget about using free proxies – they simply won’t work and definitely don’t try them as ticketing proxies. They are all listed in the Ticketmaster blacklist database and will be flagged (as will your accounts) the second you connect to the server. It’s easy for anyone to scrape the new proxies appearing too so you can be assured a company like Ticketmaster will get them instantly.   I can guarantee that there are no decent ticketing proxies on any of these lists that will work with any of the ticket sites at all.  It sucks paying for proxy services but if you don’t there’s no point in using them to try and buy tickets.

Shared Proxy and VPN Services

Mostly you’re wasting your time with these too as ticketing proxies. Although it does heavily depend on who and how many people you are sharing with them. Unfortunately it’s normally a large number of people who you have no idea of what they’re doing. If any of them are involved in buying tickets or worse using a Ticketmaster Bot badly then you’ve had it. Ticketmaster will probably already have these addresses logged and will be waiting to add you accounts to it’s blacklist too.

The problem is that irrespective of how careful you are there are more people sharing than with private proxies.  Someone somewhere will have their ticket bots spamming these servers and will get each IP address of these proxies banned.

Static Dedicated Residential Proxies

Here we have more possibilities of success with some potentially private proxies but there are still risks. If you are allocated proxy servers with say twenty virgin IP addresses from a residential IP range (never used before with Ticketmaster) then you should be fine initially. The problem is how often you can use them especially if they’re not rotated regularly. Also dedicated residential proxies tend to come at a premium price so can be very expensive for what they are.

It really depends on scale whether this option is viable. If you refine your process, don’t overuse the proxies and can generate reliable income using your method then it’s a good option to use dedicated proxies like this. Remember this applies to proxies with residential addresses not datacentre ones (see later point).

private proxies for ticketmaster

Rotating Private Residential Proxies

Phew a long name for a very specific requirement, but probably the best option for those serious in bossing Ticketmaster. If you’ve made some investment in a Ticketmaster Bot (which is another wise move), then you should be looking at proper ticketing proxies like this.

Let’s just quickly break down the requirements of these potential the best Ticketmaster Proxies –

Rotating – unless you have a huge pool of dedicated addresses then you need the IP to rotate each time you make a transaction. How often they rotate can also be an issue, rotating in the middle of a purchase is never a good idea. Yet switching to a free unblocked address each time you try for another ticket is definitely the ideal for Ticketmaster proxies.

Private – the IP addresses of genuine private proxies cannot be shared with anyone else as mentioned above. However most of the best proxy companies share from a large pool of residential IP address ranges. Although you don’t have exclusive access, the key is not too have two people using the same address concurrently. So it’s ok to share but not at the exact same time and not with people trying to get tickets too. On the largest networks like Luminati then that’s not an issue as they have 40 million residential IPs. Although other companies segregate their addresses into different categories which are guaranteed to work with your chosen platform i.e. Exclusive Ticketmaster Proxies

Residential addresses – slowly the consensus is that residential addresses are pretty much essential for a Ticketmaster proxy. Most other addresses are registered in datacentres and are flagged as commercial origin. The problem is that this flag raises the likelihood that the IP address belongs to a proxy instantly. Which is exactly how Ticketmaster (and any similar sites) will view any connection originating directly from a datacentre registered address.

It does all seem kind of confusing and it’s not helped by people using different terms like elite, private or rotating in a variety of ways. Essentially though the people who succeed are the ones who’s proxies make each connection look like a completely new home user. Anything which adds to this is a plus e.g. residential address and anything which detracts is obviously a negative. Normally the better proxies will cost slightly more because the companies carefully curate the addresses and don’t overuse them.  They will be more effective though and are also likely to reduce the captcha tests which is important if you want to automate properly.

Anything too cheap in the proxy market is normally because they’re blacklisted, spammed out IP address ranges which rarely work.

Our Recommendations of the Very Best Providers of Proxies Serving the Ticketing Community

So here’s a small set of recommendations of proxy providers, for those who want a decent Ticketmaster proxy that can actually work.

Rotating Proxies – of our suggestions, this is the newest IP proxies provider.  It’s a great little proxy provider which offers rotating residential proxies with unmetered access which work very well with Ticketmaster. Try out the trial first, make sure you tell them you want to use dedicated proxies with Ticketmaster and you can test them for 48 hours for a small fee.

Luminati – the biggest, best of the proxy provider companies  (but unfortunately also the most expensive). If you want something guaranteed to work then you need a proxy server from this network – over 40 million genuine residential IPs from anywhere in the world. You can configure pretty much every aspect of these in the Proxy Manager Dashboard and even switch between IP types to save money. They also have mobile IP addresses too – IP ranges which are assigned to mobile phone networks – these are great for imitating ordinary users too.

Storm Proxies – I love this company ! Storm Proxies have been around longer than anyone and for many years their proxies have been great for buying tickets.  It’s one of the most genuine proxy provider companies around, just make sure to tell them you want ticketing proxies and they’ll sort you out.  Their proxy pool has been created over many years and lots of people use these as their sole source of Ticketmaster proxies.

All the above companies have both residential and data center proxies, our suggestion is to stay with residential currently.  However speak to the providers, things change very quickly and they will know when the big ticket resellers have started to use data center servers again.

Best Rotating Residential Proxies for Making Money Online

There’s never been a better time to make your living online, even the relative newcomer can make a success of it with a little perseverance and perhaps a little luck.  I’ve met a whole host of people who have literally stumbled across a winning formula almost by accident with hardly any knowledge.  The core secret is to keep trying and actually implement stuff because only then will you have a chance of finding a method.

Best Rotating Residential Proxies

Many of the best money making schemes though rely on scale, indeed lots of very genuine opportunities are sometimes disregarded because they don’t generate enough income.  However if you multiply these methods suddenly a ‘pocket money’ activity can suddenly produce a sizable income.   There are many people for example who make a lot of money ‘filling in forms or questionnaires’ online for market research companies for a few pennies a time – developing an efficient system to scale this activity can be very lucrative. Ever bought a couple of tickets to a ‘must see’ sporting event or concert and noticed the huge resale potential? Again, simple examples of how there’s a load of cash to be made quite easily online.

Rotating Proxies Residential IPs
The Key to scaling up any activity online is actually quite straightforward – it requires the ability to control your identity online.  Every web site you visits tries to track and monitor your activity, if you can access them with a level of anonymity then you can prevent and even control this.  This also makes opportunities involved with web scraping difficult too as your location is tracked via the data center.

So a market research website may only allow you to complete one of their high paying forms, but if you have a dozen different identities online, well you get the picture!   The secret is to use something called a rotating proxy service to facilitate IP rotation which we explain in the rest of this article.

Controlling Your IP Address

The level of anonymity required to actually leverage money making opportunities online has changed significantly over the last few years. The technical side is fairly similar, just relay your connection through an intermediate server or ‘proxy’ and you can hide your real location. Switch it through multiple proxies or IP addresses and you have those multiple identities. Yet the sophistication of these tools has increased and the detection abilities of the web sites too.

It wasn’t that long ago that you could simply scrape up the details of a few free proxies online and use these both to hide your location and utilise all these online money making opportunities. Unfortunately these free proxies don’t work anymore and what’s worse they’re commonly used by identity thieves to steal peoples credentials too. Never, ever use these for anything even remotely confidential – that free proxy list you found online will cost you dear if you use any of them.

Choosing the Right Rotating Residential Proxy Provider

It’s important that these proxies are secure, safe and configured correctly in order to avoid detection. What’s also important is the IP addresses that are registered on these servers, because these too are also detectable. Increasingly E-commerce and other web sites will detect where and by whom the IP addresses are registered too.    Which is the crucial difference between data center proxies and those with a rotating IP from a static residential range.  Indeed the hardest rotating proxy network to detect are those using premium residential addresses.

There’s two important factors to consider regarding the IP addresses –

  • Location – where the IP address is registered.
  • Classification – IP addresses can be registered as commercial or residential.

Obviously location can be crucial, for example if you want to watch BBC iPlayer online then your (or your proxy address) must be registered in the United Kingdom.  Similarly if you have an Indian IP address then it won’t work well with US E-commerce web sites at all.  Country is normally enough except for certain tasks for example you’ll need city level targeting if you’re posting ads on multiple Craigslist boards.

Additionally the classification of your IP address will largely determine whether you’re treated as a normal home use (good) or not – residential addresses are much more trusted.  Commercial addresses are much more accessible and are often blocked from making purchases for instance.

Affordable Anonymity Using Rotating Proxies with Residential IPs

So to summarise briefly, proxies work brilliantly in hiding your identity online.  However the identities that are created need to be from the right country and ideally classified as residential.  Every single IP address available to you in this format is effectively a high value, highly trusted digital identity.  You don’t always need a residential proxy service sometimes datacenter proxies will do.  These are cheaper as well and rarely charge per GP downloaded as is the case with proxy services with residential ips.

Unfortunately it’s hard and expensive to buy proxies with these attributes.  The providers need servers in each specific locations and also need to get hold of difficult to obtain residential IPs.  For some time, residential proxies where extremely expensive especially when you needed them from certain locations.   Initially there was only one real provider, the trail blazer in this sort of provision – you’ll find them here – Luminati Proxy Servers. They’re still the leaders and the best proxy providers with by far the biggest network of residential IP addresses, it’s certainly worth trying out their residential proxy free trial when available.  They also have the most advanced configuration options, which you can access through the proxy manager or from a separate proxy API.  Indeed if you have a decent money making opportunity and need the best proxies, then it’s worth paying their premium price – they are that good.

There are other options now though, slowly other companies have managed to acquire banks of residential IP addresses to use with their proxies. This has increased the choice and now there’s a decent number of affordable options for those of us who need monthly residential proxies to run our businesses but don’t need the high cost/unlimited bandwidth option of Luminati.

dedicated rotating proxies

Here’s one of these companies, who I use extensively myself. They’re called Rotating Proxies and have developed their own technology which allows you exclusive access to residential and datacenter addresses through dedicated rotating proxies. These servers have access to a large pool of datacenter and residential IP addresses which they can allocate as required to individual connections. The benefit is that each IP address can be used much more efficiently by assigning on a short term basis then reallocating back into a central pool. Nobody uses the same address concurrently but also huge numbers of addresses aren’t reserved exclusively.  You’ll find this technique used by a lot of backconnect proxies in order to manage their addresses.  It’s much safer to have the proxies rotating the proxy pool than assigning static ranges to individuals to manage themselves.

This technique/technology significantly reduces the cost which is especially valid if you need residential proxies. Also the addresses can be reserved for specific uses so you can have Instagram proxies or Twitter ones depending on your need.   There’s a few different companies now who have combined the flexibility of rotating proxies with a bank of residential IPs.

Which company you use will largely depend on your requirements, but I’d certainly advise treading carefully especially if you’re using them with high value social media accounts.  Setting up and running a decent infrastructure with high quality residential IP addresses is expensive and takes a lot of knowledge to do well.  It’s relatively easy to produce a cheap and cheerful version, but these rarely include high quality and trusted IP address ranges.

You’ll find much of the difference in results is dependent on the quality of the IP addresses, they’re almost always worth the money.  Quality curated addresses which are used carefully, are extremely effective in most areas of internet marketing and wealth creation.  An IP address range, even if it’s residential, which has been overused or for spam is relatively worthless – you’ll get accounts blocked or banned if you use them.

Choose quality over quantity every time, you can still scale by switching addresses relatively quickly with trusted ranges.  A single residential proxy with access to a small pool of decent residential IP addresses can be all you need, and needn’t cost the earth. The decent providers offer highly configurable back end infrastructure which means even if you’re using their APIs then you can have a high level of control.

Here’s our recommendations –

World’s Largest Proxy NetworkLuminati Proxies

Quality Rotating US and EU Proxies.Rotating Proxies

Porn Proxy Time – Iceland to Ban Pornography Online

Porn Proxy Post Updated September 2019: As the UK attempts a Similar Porn Block

I thought I’d update this post, as it’s a subject that is at the forefront of various state sponsored internet censorship plans across the world.  The good news is that it seems incompetence and the lack of technical understanding are thwarting these efforts.  Iceland have still not implemented their nationwide porn block some 5 years after this article was originally published.  The reason why the block hasn’t been installed yet and why a huge proportion of the population need a porn proxy to enjoy adult entertainment online in Iceland is unclear.

Well if you like to idle away those long winter nights (and days) in Reykjavik by surfing a little porn online, then you might want to consider moving away or at least invest in a porn proxy! The Iceland Government have decided they want to do something good for their citizens (as opposed to bankrupting the country with a hopeless banking system) and are going to ban pornography from the web in Iceland.

Off to Purchase a Porn Proxy ?

Funny but largely irrelevant photo.

Every time I see these sort of stories my heart sinks, why can’t people just leave the internet alone and let people make up their own minds.  You might think that it’s all for a good cause, banning all that nasty porn stuff and everyone will behave and be nice to each other.  Who knows they might be right, but what I do know is that censoring and filtering the internet doesn’t work – it never does.

An adviser to Iceland’s interior minister-  Ogmundur Jonasson who is drafting the legislation was quoted as follows –

“At the moment, we are looking at the best technical ways to achieve this…..but surely if we can send a man to the moon, we must be able to tackle porn on the internet.”

A comment that first got me thinking, can Iceland actually send a man to the moon and secondly they haven’t got a clue about how to achieve this and what sort of issues they will face.

It’s just another of these populist ideas that politicians have, the fact that when you start censoring and filtering  the internet, you also start to erode people’s civil liberties.   I have no idea if there is any scientific basis to the argument that no porn on internet = less rape and sex crimes, I suspect very little.  However I do know that any content filtering will only work against a minority of citizens and almost exclusively on the law abiding ones.

There are so many ways to bypass these filters, that your average sexual predator will easily be able to access whatever pornography they like.  The Chinese Government have invested billions in their Great Firewall of China and yet your average 12 year old Beijing schoolboy can easily bypass them using a simple VPN or high anonymity proxy.   Do we have any evidence that Iceland will come up with a technical solution more advanced than the People’s republic of China – obviously it it’s not going to happen.

What will happen is that another Government will have a little more control over it’s citizens, but only the ones who follow rules anywhere.  The Iceland government will also have this infrastructure installed so maybe next year they’ll think of some thing else we shouldn’t do online and will add that to the banned list.  It always happens you start by banning one thing then it just get’s easier and easier to control more aspects of what people can do online.

Britain Follows Suit – Watch the Sale of Porn Proxy Services Soar

The United Kingdom government has been for some time trying to implement a similar plan.  Not quite as draconian as Iceland, but certainly it’s upsetting lots of people who resent the amount of control that the state is imposing on law abiding citizens.

Basically they’re trying to regulate access to pornography rather than ban it completely.  The main justification is the entirely understandable aim to restrict the access to porn to young people and children.  Again though the attempt is completely misguided and almost impossible to implement effectively.  Fortunately the UK Government hasn’t managed to launch this attempt yet – here’s a brief report on the last delay – source:

The UK’s age-verification system for online pornography will be delayed for around six months because the government failed to inform the EU of its proposals, the culture secretary has said.

The already delayed policy, which will require all adult internet users wanting to watch legal pornography to prove they are over 18 by providing some form of identification, was due to come into force on 15 July.

However, the culture secretary, Jeremy Wright, told the House of Commons, that would not happen, because of a failure to comply with European law in how statutory instruments are passed.

“In autumn last year, we laid three instruments before the house,” Wright told the Commons. “One of them sets out standards that companies need to comply with. This should have been notified to the European commission, and it was not. This will result in a delay in the region of six months.”

The delay, first reported by Sky News, is likely see the issue of age verification fall under the responsibility of the next prime minister.

Wright emphasised that the delay did not mean the government was backing down from its policy. “There are also those who do not want these measures to be brought in,” he said, “but let me be clear, although this is an apology for the delay, it is not a change in policy. Age verification needs to happen, and in the interest of the needs of children, it must.”

Labour’s Cat Smith, responding, said the announcement was “proof that an important policy issue has descended into utter shambles”.

It’s negative, oppressive and most of all it doesn’t work and as we can see from the examples of both Iceland and Great Britain it’s a much more complicated subject both morally and technically.   Imagine the administration and management that this scheme involves and then contemplate that one of the most important steps required initially was that it needed to inform the European Commission because of the conflict with European Law.  Now forget the Brexit arguments about this, but it’s a simple but important administrative and legal step which the Government just forgot to do.  Doesn’t inspire you with confidence that the system will be managed efficiently and professionally does it.  Let’s hope they don’t forget to look after the list of porn users that  this system will potentially create.

If you want another slight worry about how this will be managed, well actually a huge one!  Consider that the company being tasked with implementing the age verification procedure (and responsible for managing the allowed users database) will be a company called MindGeek.   Fine until you also find out that this company is also owner of the biggest porn site in the world – PornHub – conflict of interest possibly!!

Company Entrusted with Managing the Age Verification is one of the World’s Biggest Pornographers ! 

Most governments cite the ‘protecting young children’ from pornography angle when justifying these counter measures.   However they have rarely reference the technical facts that current methods are simply ineffective.   Also even in the United Kingdom where  the measures suggested are much less draconian that Iceland there are huge information and privacy implications.

Ask yourself if you would like to be included on a state list of pornography users?

Already any government can easily analyse, log and harvest everything you do online.   If you don’t use any sort of security products like VPNs then there’s nothing really hidden by default.  The irony is the younger you are the more likely you are to know about proxies and VPNs which are used for downloading movies and music safely.   Which would also completely bypass any of the Icelandic and UK Governments censorship attempts easily.

If you’re in Iceland, Kuwait, Iran, China or anywhere else where the Governments decides whether you can watch porn, politics , sports or whatever – then try this – Identity Cloaker, it’s not just a simple porn proxy either over, but a sophisticated security product that can bypass all sorts of blocks and filters and keep you COMPLETELY hidden whilst you do so!

High Quality US Proxy Server – an Essential Tool

High Quality US Proxy Server – an Essential Tool

Many people use proxies to bypass internet filters and regional restrictions.   For example YouTube videos are often restricted to specific countries and it’s quite common to get the message – ‘not available in your country’.   However these are enforced by looking up your IP address and if you use a proxy you can effectively bypass these blocks.  They work because if you use proxy servers and connect through them, it’s the address of the server which is identified not your real address.   So if you use a US proxy you can access US only sites, use a UK server for British web sites and so on.   Well this is how it used to work, invest a few pennies to buy a cheap proxy or scrape a cheap proxy list and you were sorted.  These days have long gone now because of technical implementations in detecting these servers.

Unfortunately most of the websites that operate these region blocks can detect the use of proxies and they are mostly blocked.  Even if you use a high quality US proxy server, you won’t be able to access sites like Netflix or Hulu without receiving these sort of messages –

High Quality US Proxy

The usefulness of a proxy server is fairly limited now with more and more sites automatically blocking access from them. There are some issues with this, particularly people who surf through corporate networks for example.  Most firms use proxies in order to control access to the internet and limit security problems, so when Hulu blocks access through proxies it’s actually affecting this group as well.

Ensure the High Quality US Proxy Server Has a VPN Mode

If you want to bypass all the region locks and completely remove all of the restrictions on your internet connection then it’s a VPN service you should be using.  A VPN is a Virtual private network and operates in a similar way to a proxy server however the connection is encrypted and almost impossible to identify.     Even the highest quality proxy server can be detected however there is currently no method for actively identifying an incoming connection from a VPN server.

However, you have to be careful even when selecting a VPN service to use – some of the media companies have started to manually block these services too.  What they do is identify IP address ranges and companies who advertise the ability to bypass these blocks and ensure they can’t access the services.  Hulu and Netflix have been particularly aggressive in doing this and even some of the UK TV channels like the BBC blocking abroad as well.

In addition there are other measures being used to block connections originating from VPN servers too.   The BBC have recently extended their restrictions to include too many concurrent connections from the same IP addresses.  For example if you use a very popular VPN service, like Hide my ASS then you’ll be sharing your IP address with many thousands of users.  These are easy to detect and simple to block, it doesn’t actually matter how well they are configured if too many people are using them a VPN will be blocked as easily as cheap private proxies.   The threshold is difficult to assess and you don’t need to use completely dedicated proxies as long as they are not overloaded.

As you can tell, there are no guarantees on maintaining access to any particular service.  Currently Netflix and Hulu are probably the most aggressive in blocking access from VPN enabled services but many still work.  You should ensure that your chosen VPN provider is not advertising the ability to watch particular stations.  These are always targeted by the media sites, even years ago a private proxy server which promoted access to online TV stations would never last long – nowadays their servers will be blocked very quickly indeed.

Otherwise it really depends on which websites are a priority for you.  For example, as mentioned Netflix are one of the most aggressive companies in blocking access and even the best private proxies or VPN servers will be ineffective.  This is because in addition to other restrictions they also limit access to IP addresses classified as residential.  Unfortunately this instantly rules out 99% of VPN providers who usually are based in commercial data centers which have commercially classified IP ranges.  Try and connect to the US version of Netflix from a commercial IP address and you’ll get blocked instantly.  It doesn’t matter how well they are configured as even the high quality US proxy services won’t work if they’re tagged with commercial addresses.  Some of the more advanced security companies like . have some residential IP address ranges but these are very difficult to obtain for use by commercial companies.

If you want to use a particular service then it’s best to test the functionality first before subscribing for a longer period.  There are still VPN services which work with most of the media sites, however some are more difficult than others.  Accessing the US version of Netflix is probably the hardest as they only allow a specific category of IP addresses through their firewalls.

The reality is that without having some sort of control of your connection and IP address you will be constantly blocked, filtered and monitored whenever you are online.   For those of us who travel it’s even more inconvenient as websites we normally access are suddenly unavailable due to a new location.   Being able to hide your address stops all this and hands back control.

How Does Netflix Block VPN Programs

Many of the internet’s biggest media sites operate a system of region locking.  The BBC iPlayer for example blocks access to anyone outside the UK, similarly the US website Hulu blocks access to anyone located outside the USA.  Virtually all the media web sites do this, including video sites like Youtube which controls what videos can be seen depending on your location.  Fortunately there is a way around this, and millions of people across the world use VPNs to hide their physical locations.

These work by obscuring your real IP address by redirecting your connection through the VPN server.  If the VPN is located in the correct country then you’ll be allowed access, so people would use a UK VPN to watch the BBC online and a US server to watch American content.    Most of the web sites try to block access from these VPN  servers however none have been very successful, except for one company – Netflix.

Here’s How Netflix Block VPN Programs

Most of the previous methods for blocking VPNs and proxies simply involve detecting and blacklisting the IP addresses of individual VPN servers. This works to some extent but is relatively simple for the VPN providers to bypass. When specific IP addresses are blocked they would simply replace them with alternatives, it ends up something of a cat and mouse game with the web providers. Many companies such as the BBC do this periodically so the blocks are normally fairly intermittent.

Mostly though people were unaffected, most of the decent VPN services have many servers which they rotated IP addresses when unaffected. Netflix however adopted another tactic, which proved to be more effective. What they did was instead of blocking individual IP addresses of VPN servers, they blocked a whole classification – commercial based addresses.

All IP addresses are classified into two types – residential and commercial. Residential IP addresses are allocated to domestic customers via their ISPs well companies and data centres receive commercial addresses instead. Netflix solution worked instantly by blocking access to all commercial addresses, the region locking was enforced and none of the VPN services worked.

Currently there are only a couple of VPN services which still work, these have managed to incorporate residential addresses into their network. One of the oldest companies, Identity Cloaker has built this capability into it’s software so that if anyone tries to connect to Netflix they will automatically be redirected to a server assigned with a residential IP address range. It works perfectly although these addresses are expensive and difficult to obtain so you should check if you require them as most VPN services won’t have access to them.