Which are the Best Private Proxies for Ticketmaster and Ticketing Sites

Last Updated on November 29, 2023

Buy a Ticketmaster Proxy Server That Works

Lots of websites hate proxies, many block them but there’s only a few who spend a serious amount of resources banning them. Ticketmaster is one of those companies who spend an awful lot of time and effort stopping anyone accessing their site using a proxy. Indeed there’s hardly any company who is as aggressive as them, probably only Instagram who spend as much blocking, detecting and banning even dedicated proxies (excepting perhaps the Chinese Government).

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Their public rationale is simple, they want only real users to buy tickets and then only a couple each for personal use. They say this is to protect customers and artists, but in reality it’s likely protecting their profits is the number one incentive.  So they don’t want anyone to use a proxy service, because it removes that element of control they have from the marker and ticker resellers. Whatever the reasons, if you want to buy a few extra tickets or use a ticket Bot to purchase them for you – there’s only a small amount of Ticketmaster proxies that will actually work, here’s what to look for.

The Very Basics of Choosing the Very Best Ticketmaster Proxy

It certainly can get confusing but in reality it’s not that hard to learn how to buy proxies that work with Ticketmaster or other ticket websites.  In fact for any task, it’s a matter of identifying your requirements, signing up for some sort of test or trial then see what works.  Don’t worry about taking your time it’s not something you should try and rush.  Practice with events that are not your main priority, but once you find high quality proxies that work for you then you should stick with them. As always it’s largely due to the quality and composition of the IP address ranges they use but there are other factors which will help you get tickets.

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Free and Open proxies

First of all forget about using free proxies – they simply won’t work and definitely don’t try them as ticketing proxies. They are all listed in the Ticketmaster blacklist database and will be flagged (as will your accounts) the second you connect to the server. It’s easy for anyone to scrape the new proxies appearing too so you can be assured a company like Ticketmaster will get them instantly.   I can guarantee that there are no decent ticketing proxies on any of these lists that will work with any of the ticket sites at all.  It sucks paying for proxy services but if you don’t there’s no point in using them to try and buy tickets.

Shared Proxy and VPN Services

Mostly you’re wasting your time with these too as ticketing proxies. Although it does heavily depend on who and how many people you are sharing with them. Unfortunately it’s normally a large number of people who you have no idea of what they’re doing. If any of them are involved in buying tickets or worse using a Ticketmaster Bot badly then you’ve had it. Ticketmaster will probably already have these addresses logged and will be waiting to add you accounts to it’s blacklist too.

The problem is that irrespective of how careful you are there are more people sharing than with private proxies.  Someone somewhere will have their ticket bots spamming these servers and will get each IP address of these proxies banned.

Static Dedicated Residential Proxies

Here we have more possibilities of success with some potentially private proxies but there are still risks. If you are allocated proxy servers with say twenty virgin IP addresses from a residential IP range (never used before with Ticketmaster) then you should be fine initially. The problem is how often you can use them especially if they’re not rotated regularly. Also dedicated residential proxies tend to come at a premium price so can be very expensive for what they are.

It really depends on scale whether this option is viable. If you refine your process, don’t overuse the proxies and can generate reliable income using your method then it’s a good option to use dedicated proxies like this. Remember this applies to proxies with residential addresses not datacentre ones (see later point).

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Rotating Private Residential Proxies

Phew a long name for a very specific requirement, but probably the best option for those serious in bossing Ticketmaster. If you’ve made some investment in a Ticketmaster Bot (which is another wise move), then you should be looking at proper ticketing proxies like this.

Let’s just quickly break down the requirements of these potential the best Ticketmaster Proxies –

Rotating – unless you have a huge pool of dedicated addresses then you need the IP to rotate each time you make a transaction. How often they rotate can also be an issue, rotating in the middle of a purchase is never a good idea. Yet switching to a free unblocked address each time you try for another ticket is definitely the ideal for Ticketmaster proxies.

Private – the IP addresses of genuine private proxies cannot be shared with anyone else as mentioned above. However most of the best proxy companies share from a large pool of residential IP address ranges. Although you don’t have exclusive access, the key is not too have two people using the same address concurrently. So it’s ok to share but not at the exact same time and not with people trying to get tickets too. On the largest networks like Luminati then that’s not an issue as they have 40 million residential IPs. Although other companies segregate their addresses into different categories which are guaranteed to work with your chosen platform i.e. Exclusive Ticketmaster Proxies

Residential addresses – slowly the consensus is that residential addresses are pretty much essential for a Ticketmaster proxy. Most other addresses are registered in datacentres and are flagged as commercial origin. The problem is that this flag raises the likelihood that the IP address belongs to a proxy instantly. Which is exactly how Ticketmaster (and any similar sites) will view any connection originating directly from a datacentre registered address.

It does all seem kind of confusing and it’s not helped by people using different terms like elite, private or rotating in a variety of ways. Essentially though the people who succeed are the ones who’s proxies make each connection look like a completely new home user. Anything which adds to this is a plus e.g. residential address and anything which detracts is obviously a negative. Normally the better proxies will cost slightly more because the companies carefully curate the addresses and don’t overuse them.  They will be more effective though and are also likely to reduce the captcha tests which is important if you want to automate properly.

Anything too cheap in the proxy market is normally because they’re blacklisted, spammed out IP address ranges which rarely work.

Our Recommendations of the Very Best Providers of Proxies Serving the Ticketing Community

So here’s a small set of recommendations of proxy providers, for those who want a decent Ticketmaster proxy that can actually work.

Rotating Proxies – of our suggestions, this is the newest IP proxies provider.  It’s a great little proxy provider which offers rotating residential proxies with unmetered access which work very well with Ticketmaster. Try out the trial first, make sure you tell them you want to use dedicated proxies with Ticketmaster and you can test them for 48 hours for a small fee.

Bright Data (Formerly Luminati) – the biggest, best of the proxy provider companies  (but unfortunately also the most expensive). If you want something guaranteed to work then you need a proxy server from this network – over 40 million genuine residential IPs from anywhere in the world. You can configure pretty much every aspect of these in the Proxy Manager Dashboard and even switch between IP types to save money. They also have mobile IP addresses too – IP ranges which are assigned to mobile phone networks – these are great for imitating ordinary users too.

Storm Proxies – I love this company ! Storm Proxies have been around longer than anyone and for many years their proxies have been great for buying tickets.  It’s one of the most genuine proxy provider companies around, just make sure to tell them you want ticketing proxies and they’ll sort you out.  Their proxy pool has been created over many years and lots of people use these as their sole source of Ticketmaster proxies.

All the above companies have both residential and data center proxies, our suggestion is to stay with residential currently.  However speak to the providers, things change very quickly and they will know when the big ticket resellers have started to use data center servers again.