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Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Best Instagram Residential Proxies that Works

It’s been a frenetic time for Instagram marketers over the last twelve months so a quick update to this post seemed appropriate.  At the time of writing many were beginning to give up on one of the tools which makes mass marketing on Instagram possible like Jarvee. For several months, the justification for spending money to buy access to an expensive Instagram proxy site or network seemed pointless. After all it’s not easy to do this sort of stuff in scale if you want any sort of life at all. Certainly like exchange has simply not worked for me in Jarvee for several weeks even with the most expensive proxies going. Fortunately the rumour suggest that they seem to have fixed that now with a huge update. I’m not sure I’ll be using again with my main Instagram account until I’m certain though!

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There’s a lot of money to be made from Instagram at the moment, and many people are doing just that.  As reports continue to grow about people flocking away from Facebook and the other social networking sites, there’s no such issues with Instagram.  What’s more for Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs the site is a great, free source of traffic especially for certain demographics.

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Instagram Residential Proxies

Of course, you’re not going to get far with a single Instagram account if you want to make some serious revenue.  Indeed the people who are becoming rich on Instagram have many more accounts than this.  However like all these platforms, Instagram only wants you to have one account per person and is becoming increasingly aggressive in blocking and deleting accounts.  Please, please don’t think you can just sit at your  home computer and switch between different accounts simply by using incognito mode!  To grow even a single Instagram account needs some serious effort.

In addition to multiple accounts, you’re going to need access to some Instagram automation tools – here’s some of the best ones the professional marketers use.

  • FollowLiker – Instagram Version allows all aspects of account management.
  • Massplanner – Great tool for building followers – unfortunately currently shut down by Instagram (could be revived though).  This tool was able to unblock Instagram like nothing else in it’s day.
  • Followadder – Build users, automated likes and posting.  Great scheduler that’s easy to use.

There’s quite a few more tools available for Instagram automation and you’re going to need at least one to manage multiple accounts and unblock Instagram.  Massplanner was my favorite until Instagram came after it, yes it was that good.  It is currently not available but there are rumours an update is in development so keep an eye out for it.

Again though, if you use any of these tools from your desktop PC using just your standard internet connection you’ll get blocked, banned or deleted pretty quickly.  Remember Instagram doesn’t expect multiple logons from the same IP, it’s an easy check for them to make too.  You need to create different identities to use multiple accounts to have any success – for this you need proxies, specifically Instagram proxies.

Buy the Best Proxy for Instagram Automation

A proxy is an intermediate server that sits between your computer and the website you’re visiting. It also has the advantage of having different IP addresses, so you can use a well configured proxy to create an entirely new digital identity. Instagram marketers use proxies to operate multiple accounts safely, switching every time they want to log on to another account or use automated software for posting or adding likes.  When people talk about using an Instagram proxy they’re just referring to a standard proxy servers customized by the proxy providers to be used on Instagram.   These Instagram proxies are generally nothing different technically except for addresses they use to connect to the site.  The best ones allow you to switch identities without issue, basically as if you were using a different internet service provider with each new address.

Unfortunately you won’t get far using free proxies that you can find or scrape online because the majority of these are already saturated with users and most are blocked by Instagram already. If you value your accounts, don’t try using the free ones it’s not worth it, look for a private Instagram proxy which you won’t be sharing with hundreds of other people.  The ratios needed tend to change all the time too, so ask for advice. The best proxy providers will give you some guidance if you need it, they’re usually best place to give you the latest information.

Moving up to the next tier, you can purchase relatively inexpensive accounts that give access to lots of proxies. Again though these are of little use, primarily because they’re shared and so the likelihood is that multiple Instagram accounts are already being accessed through them. Remember Instagram is not expecting multiple accounts to be accessed from the same IP addresses. Also there is an issue that the majority of these cheaper proxies are from commercial datacentres.  You certainly can’t expect to automate using proxies like these on any major social media platform  and you certainly need a residential proxy server for the Instagram bots like Jarvee or even simpler programs.

What are Residential IP Addresses?

Residential IP addresses are IP addresses assigned to individual internet users for their personal use. These IP addresses identify a specific internet connection, allowing for the user to access the internet from any device connected to the same connection. Residential IP addresses are typically assigned by an internet service provider (ISP) to a user’s modem or router. This allows the user to access the internet from any device connected to the same modem or router.

Residential IP addresses are unique and can be used to track a user’s online activities and location. In addition, they are also used by companies to verify the authenticity of online transactions, as well as to provide targeted online advertising. Residential IP addresses are also used by law enforcement to track down criminals and by search engines to block the access of malicious websites. In addition, they are also used by online streaming services to ensure that users are watching content from the correct region.

Residential Proxies for Instagram are Essential

This is an easy way for any site like Instagram to sift out the real, ordinary users of their platform. Ordinary users have residential IP addresses assigned from ISPs and home connections or public hotspots. They are extremely suspicious of any connections made from commercially classified IP addresses simply because they know they’re much more likely to be from Internet marketers using Instagram for profit. Increasingly sites like this are in fact blocking all non-residential IP addresses anyway, you can’t access Netflix from one for example.

It’s an easy fix for most platforms, they know hardly any ordinary user will be using an address from a commercial range.  Which means blocking them has virtually no risk of filtering ordinary users.  It does mean that the majority of proxies which use these commercial addresses are useless.  This will also include the vast majority of VPN services too as they almost always use commercial addresses.  By the way unless you’re managing thousands of accounts there’s no real need to buy mobile proxies for Instagram, which are obviously expensive.

Best Proxies for Instagram

So the best Instagram proxies will need the following properties.

  • Dedicated: no-one else should be using them but you.
  • Residential Addresses: the IP address must be from an ISP and a residential IP address range.
  • Instagram Specified: Ensure that you buy Instagram proxies i.e. those specifically configured for Instagram to ensure they’re not already blocked.
  • Volume: Don’t overload – ideally you should only be using two accounts per IP address.
  • Locale:  Best to pick European/American IP address ranges as they’re safer.
  • Trial: Safest way to test – try out the proxies before you subscribe.

If you’re serious about making money with Instagram automation at any level then decent proxies will be the biggest business expense. They are however essential, if you try and cut corners you risk losing valuable Instagram accounts which can be difficult to replace.  They should be located in your main target area for example buy USA proxies for selling to the US.  Here’s our recommendation on where to buy residential proxies that work for all social media platforms including Instagram.

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