Need to Buy US IP Address or USA Proxy Server – Try This Free One?

Updated in October 2021 to remove a company who’s VPN service was just getting far too slow and worse was always blocked by many sites!  Added the wonderful Smart DNS system which you can even test out risk free on this special offer –

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Smart DNS Proxy.

It can work without software on all operating systems, just change your DNS settings to function instead of having to install IP address changer software.  If you want a traditional VPN to protect your internet activity too then try one of the biggest and best with servers around the world- then you should also try out  Nord VPN both are great choices to get an  American IP.

Here’s a question that many people want the answer to – How can I get a US IP address?   Well hopefully this post will help. If you don’t want an explanation about USA proxy sites and simply want to buy an American IP address at a very low cost for streaming services and such like. Then scoot down to the bottom of the page for some recommendations, they all have a money back guarantee by the way and great customer support.  For a few bucks a month you can have a host of secure, fast US IP addresses plus Canadian, UK, Australian and lots of other countries at your fingertips.

Many web sites determine what you see based on your location, so for example if you want to watch Hulu – you need to be in the USA.  Access is controlled by location so it doesn’t matter if you’re a US citizen, if you’re trying to access Hulu from a hotel in Rome then you’re Italian and you’ll get blocked.  This is why changing your real IP address is becoming a much more common requirement, simply because that loads of the best websites and TV shows restrict access depending on the location of your computer.

So for example anyone outside America may get blocked from a US banking site,  and you’d certainly be blocked from accessing US-only sites like Hulu or Pandora unless you get a US IP somehow.

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More and more sites are restricting access based on location, it’s often due to licensing issues.  Another reason is economic, many websites operate price discrimination (basically charging different prices to different people to maximise their profits), they obviously don’t like consumers finding the cheaper options!

So Where Can I Buy USA IP Address ?

So if you wanted to access a US only site and you’re outside the US, then you need to acquire a US IP Address.  Then you could buy from a US only site or watch something like Hulu or Pandora irrespective of your location.  Better still you could get much better value, for example the Americans Netflix is way better value than any other version.  Many Americans are shocked if they travel abroad and logon to find that the US Netflix has disappeared and half their favourite shows are gone too.

Now your IP address is assigned to you by your ISP when you initially connect, there’s no way to change this without losing internet access. So although you can change/modify and alter most aspects of your computer – including the language, locale and even switch to a US time server.  Unfortunately there’s no one with a magical American IP address generator that you can use to change your address automatically, more’s the pity!  It’s generally supplied by your Internet Service Provider automatically, so there’s really no way to change it all.

However although you can’t change your IP address  –  you can hide your true address and present another one.  You do this by connecting via either a VPN or a proxy site, both of these will obscure your real address. They both operate in similar ways, the proxy server routes all your web traffic via itself and simply forwards all data in both directions. The VPN is actually a secure, encrypted tunnel which routes all traffic from your computer through the VPN server.  Both have strengths and weaknesses.  In reality a VPN is more difficult to detect by remote web sites, although this can involve a slight overhead on speed in some situations.

Which one you choose is really dependent on what your requirements are – a VPN gives you security and more access to remote sites. If you want any sort of security to access something like banking services then it has to be a VPN. But if you just wanted to access something like the BBC or maybe to watch Canadian TV in the US then a proxy server is enough.  To be honest nowadays, there’s no reason to look beyond a decent VPN providers.  VPN servers provide the same functionality, plus give you features like AES encryption, DNS leak protection and a kill switch (block all access instantly).  Plus they’re no more expensive and the one drawback that used to exist – slower connection speeds doesn’t really apply anymore.  In fact Nord VPN which you can see demonstrated below is actually much quicker as it uses a compression algorithm when transferring data from the VPN servers.

USA Proxy Buy

So perhaps we want to watch some shows on Hulu but we are based in Europe,  for this particular channel a proxy won’t work as Hulu is able to detect them – so we need a VPN service.  Unfortunately there are no free VPN services available unless you can access one through your employer or college.  Please don’t even consider using a free proxy as not only will it not work with most streaming services. You’ll also find a free proxy is likely to install something nasty on your computer as well!

Many multinational companies have VPN/Remote access services to allow employees to access their home location.  It’s worth checking this out although you should ask your IT department for clearance before using on a work operating system and flooding their network with internet traffic form video streaming. Or you could make your own by installing a VPN service on a rented server or a friends US based computer. Obviously server location is important here, but as long as you’re in the right country that will be ok.  Any US sites will be accessible from a server in New York for example.

But an easier option is to just select a VPN provider with a suitable service which allows access to a wide variety of  servers especially if you want to use it with an iPad or mobile device, check this post – Watching BBC Iplayer on Ipad in US.

These services are all pretty low cost now and the best VPNs usually include proxy servers all across the world.

Here’s some things to check out when looking for a decent service :-

  • Firstly check that the company have some method to allow easy connection. The decent companies have custom connection software to allow you to connect/disconnect easily to their server network.
  • If you have a specific requirement – NBC, Hulu, HBO GO, ABC etc then check that internet content works with them.
  • Make sure your subscription allows access to multiple servers in different countries included – there’s some great free stuff outside the United States too.
  • Speed is essential if you’re going to use the service for watching video or any streaming media – try to choose a trial account first to test this.  A good VPN can actually speed up your connection by bypassing any bandwidth throttling by your internet provider.
  • Be careful you don’t get locked into renewing accounts – use payment methods like PayPal if you can which you can cancel easily.
  • If security is paramount – ask customer support and check for a no logs policy, leak protection and a secure proxy network.
  • Also vital for security is at least 256 bit encryption, all the best VPN services will support this.

Unfortunately although there is now lots of choice, many of these services don’t have the knowledge and infrastructure to support high speed access.  Avoid anything that seems too cheap or sponsored by advertisements, never use free VPNs for anything important they’re slow and invariably have huge security implications.  Many install adware or even malware on your computer, and others share your internet connection with their premium users – yes really ! Whichever you choose always test first with a short subscription or trial and get them to answer any questions use their support email address.

In this example you’ll see my favourite VPN software allowing me to bypass the geo restrictions and gain access to USA only resources by simply clicking on a United States based server.

I basically use two different services which offer both proxy and VPN functionality at a decent price.  Basically these will give you access to a network of  US IP Addresses plus loads of different nationalities at a click of a button. What’s more they they have proxy servers in all the major locations and a great success rate at accessing the most popular streaming sites.

Nord VPN is primarily a security product but offers both proxy and VPN modes for accessing BBC iPlayer, Hulu and all media sites.  They have loads of  US and even more UK based servers so if you want to watch the BBC iPlayer service then it’s probably your best option.  A host of security and privacy features including the ability to use military grade encryption to protect your connection. They do have lots of servers in the France, Germany, Australia, Canada and throughout Europe as well though.  With over 8 million subscribers and support for virtually every device including android iOS, it’s a great proxy service.

Smart DNS Proxy is another great little company if you want a USA IP address. I like their connection options as there’s one which is particularly easy to use. It’s called Smart DNS and is designed specifically for watching Geo-restricted content without directly using a proxy or VPN. This allows you to access US only sites simply by changing your DNS servers.  It also gives you full access to all US only services including giving you a American IP address for Netflix whereas the vast majority of VPNs are blocked.  Lots of servers included giving you access to lots in the US IP address range. It’s generally quicker than any proxy because you don’t route all your traffic through the server. It’s perfect for watching any sort of video and the support staff know their stuff and are very helpful.

Remember Smart DNS provides no security or encryption at all, however it’s easier to install on different devices like Smart TVs and Amazon Fire Stick as there’s no software component.  It works beautifully on all different platforms iOS Android even Linux.

Both these companies allow Paypal and are easy to cancel when you need. They also had the fastest servers out of the ones I looked at and neither affected my internet connection speed. Don’t worry that they don’t openly advertise the bypassing functionality for sites like Hulu, BBC, ABC, Amazon Prime Video etc – it’s deliberate, the services which openly promote this get closed down eventually.  Remember as well if you want to learn how to get a USA address for Netflix – Smart DNS is one of the very few that works in 2020.