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Last Updated on November 29, 2023

How to Get a Polish IP Address

Many of the VPN companies are having a torrid time at the moment because they’re being blocked and filtered. So I’m rechecking some old posts from my proxy list and checking if they’re still working.  Unfortunately the original program highlighted here has become unusable so I am updating. The company I used here mentioned below specialize in high anonymity service and have a Poland proxy server which is not banned by TVN so if perfect for Polish TV.  The service is known as Identity Cloaker and you can find out how it works further down the page.

You may wonder why I’m writing about Poland and worrying about where to find a proxy server in Poland.  Well although I have no real need to access Polish websites, I happen to know a few people who spend their time searching for a Polish proxy list for access.

In years gone by the internet was pretty open, I rarely remember ever getting blocked access to a website. Many of us did use servers from proxy lists but mainly for privacy rather than actually bypassing blocks. But things have changed now and there are lots of filters, blocks applied all over the place.  In the last few days I was blocked from accessing Hulu in the USA, my banking site and a funny video clip on YouTube because ‘it was not accessible in my region’.  All these were blocks based on my location, specifically my IP address.

Fortunately for those of us who get cross about these sorts of things – there are now loads of tools and services which can bypass these blocks which use VPNs and proxy servers.  Basically they allow you to hide your real IP address and use one from proxy servers in different countries instead. It’s easy to find a proxy server service if you want standard countries and an IP address from places like US and the UK.  However it can be difficult to find a proxy list for smaller countries.

Using Polish Proxies to Hide Your Location

For example my friend comes from Krakow but now has settled in the UK.   But much of his family are still in Poland and he often finds himself connecting back to Polish websites.  Unfortunately increasingly he gets blocked because his location (or IP address) is outside Poland.  Last week it was a one his favorite TV sites which had launched online and a bank based in Krakow that had an online service.  It’s exactly the same reason you can’t access Hulu from the UK or some of the cracking shows on Canadian TV that are online.

The technology is called Geotargeting and the easiest way you can see this demonstrated is simply by using Google.  So here’s what I get if I go to Google  –

Google checks my IP address when I connect, cross references with a database of IP Address/Country and sees I’m in the UK so delivers the British version of Google.   It’s obviously very useful as obviously the local version of the search giant is the one I need, after all the US version of Google would return American based results.

But unfortunately this technology is also used to lock me out of many web sites and applications that are not UK based.  SO I can’t watch Simpsons on Hulu, listen to music on Pandora or anything that is restricted to other countries.

Proxy Polskie in Action

Anyway I’ll show how I can change my IP address to a Polish one as a quick example.  All I need to do is connect to a Polish server and tunnel my connection through that.  This will then fool the web site into thinking that’s my location.   There are lots of services and a few on the proxy list which can do this but one I use is called Identity Cloaker.

Polish proxy

Here’s the software working, I just select the country I need from the various proxy servers listed and then press connect.  In  this case I want to get an IP address from Poland so I select a Polish proxy server from the list.  I then just put in the username and password and I’m connected – that’s all there is to it – takes about 10 seconds.  You will see that there’s a large number of proxy servers on the Polish proxy list so you’ll have plenty of choice too.

polskie serwery proxy


Here’s the connection screen from an iPhone, just connect and carry on as normal.  However while this is connected all my requests are being routed through the server in Krakow therefore I’ll have a Polish IP address, and that’s where I’ll appear to be from.

polski server proxy

Now you can see that if I visit Google, this time I’ll be given the Polish version because my IP address is listed from Krakow.  If I change connections I’ll be given a different version depending on the location of the proxy servers I use.  Of course this isn’t particularly useful when in the UK, after all I want to use the local version of Google for the best results.  But if I wanted to access a Polish media site or online banking then it would be very useful.

Here’s another option demonstrated in this video about accessing TVN player.

As you can see it’s quite simple, connect to a Polish VPN online and you will get Polish IP address registered when you connect to any server.   It’s exceptionally useful for accessing sites like TVN which restrict access outside Poland.  Unfortunately there are no free alternatives any more as all the main sites block access to the simple free Polish proxy sites that used to work.  Also there are no free Polish VPN servers available unless you have access to a company or educational based service through work or college.

Don’t Use a Free Polish Proxy List !

Of course, no-one like to have to pay but using free servers on some random proxy list to change your IP address is not really safe in today’s world.   A huge amount of them will contain a proxy server used by cyber criminals to spread viruses and malware and steal  personal credentials like passwords.

There also an important advantage besides safety of using these paid services and it’s an important one.  The very best VPN services don’t just offer you a couple of servers but also access to large networks of VPN servers all across the world.  This means that not only can you maintain your privacy using the built in encryption but you can completely unlock your internet connection.  Switch countries at will and access websites all across the internet which are normally region locked due to your IP address.

If I changed to a US server I could use all the American sites even on my Ipad, change to Canadian server and watch Canadian TV and so on.  They’re well worth checking out as you get all the servers included in the subscription – helpful support too – click here to try Identity Cloaker.

12 thoughts on “Looking for a Polish Proxy(Proxy Polskie) – Test this Premium Polish VPN”

  1. I’m working in the UK for a few months and miss watching TVN and some other Polish sites. My question is that if I use this to watch Polish TV in the UK, can I also use it to watch UK TV online when I return to Poland? What about the other countries too?

    • Hi, yep you can any of the proxies you like. Use the Polish proxy when outside Poland then switch to UK to watch British stuff. These services really open up the internet, for example with a VPN service you can switch between different versions of Netflix whenever you like, effectively getting access to thousands more movies and shows.

  2. hello there and thank you for your information. When I clicked the overplay link there were two options smart dns and the VPn option. Which one would I need for a full Polish VPN? I want to use it to keep my connection safe and watch various blocked channels. Thanks

    • Launa, you’ll need the VPN one. The Smart DNS provides no security at all but just allows you to access various TV sites. Both work well but if you want security you’ll need the VPN option, it includes Smart DNS as well so you can use both when needed. Hope that helps

  3. in the post above there are lots of different countries in the program. Can I ask do you get access to all of them or do you have to pay extra for each country. I mainly want the Polish proxy for my girlfriend who want to watch some Polish TV, but I would quite like to get access to some USA sites too. Thanks for your response.

    • Hi Vinnie,
      All the countries are included in the subscription not just the Polish proxies. You’re right to check though as many companies just allow you access to one or two then charge more, which also means that those servers can be very slow.
      Hope this helps.

  4. I live in the United States, so I can watch for free any episode from one of my favorite Polish soap s, The Londoners. It’s a big budget Polish drama series which follows the lives of a group of Poles as they seek their fortune in London. The show is the first Polish attempt to tackle the post-accession wave of immigration, which has seen many of Poland’s brightest young people relocate to work in Britain.

  5. This is a very nice software application. It is very useful for persons living or traveling outside of the U.S.. I think it is great for exchange students and anyone who has ever wanted to travel the world on a low budget. I am a firm believer that entertainment content should be free for those who truly cannot afford it. Those who can afford it should support the arts by paying any fees companies charge.

    • I agree completely and it is sad that so many sites set up these restrictions. The irony is that people who want to use the internet to access specific sites are normally travelling outside the country.

  6. Teresa makes a very valid point in her comment, I found the entire article to be very interesting and I don’t have cable so this is not something that I am used to in the first place so it doesn’t bother me to not have it now. This is great information to have for those that require having TV though and I hope that it will be used wisely.

  7. Programming like DISH Network Polish Package is what makes satellite television so rewarding. Why settle for ordinary TV when DISH Network offers so many original programming packages along with state of the art television equipment? I can think of one very good reason. You can watch Polish TV stations for free – without the heavy installation and monthly fees of having satellite or cable television packages with those added extra packages at an additional price.

  8. I did not realize that there were so many popular Polish TV channels. I didn’t even know that they had reality TV shows comparable to those in the U.S. and the U.K.. They apparently have a top model competition hosted by Joanna Krupa (who was on Dancing with the Stars), and this is one of the highest rated shows there. Maybe it’s a whole new world I’ll discover once I configure this app.

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